6 Reasons You're Not Building Your Line

Psychology is the study of human behavior. When you’re looking for prospects to build your line and increase your rank, you need to take the psychology of human behavior into account, because this correlates with sales.

Sales requires skillfully maneuvering people to follow you above your competitors; but what if you currently aren’t adept to the skills of sales?

This blog is intended to shine some light on some of the reasons why you might not be seeing growth in your line and how you can make the necessary changes to become successful in this business.

1. You’re Giving too Many Options

doTERRA has a lot of products. A lot. Because of our extensive product list, your prospects will have to go through the decision-making process for each item on the list. That’s a lot of work!

Social psychologists call this choice overload, which is this idea that having access to too many choices actually results in making decisions more difficult and less satisfying. But how can do give your prospects fewer options while showing off your entire catalogue of products? You use a process called “chunking”.

Instead of spewing out a list of all the products available, you separate them into smaller categories and then have people select the category they’re most interested in. This process will not only make choosing products much easier for your potential customers, but also far more enjoyable for both of you. 

2. You’re Not Emphasizing Results and Convenience

Many Wellness Advocates jump into their presentations by enthusiastically outlining all the features and benefits of the products. This is a crushing sales mistake, prospects don’t actually care about any of that. 

Instead, focus on the real value of what you offer. At the end of the day, people buy results, convenience, and solutions — not products or services. So be specific about the valuable results prospects can expect from working with you.

3. You’re Not Being Mysterious

Prospects can sense when you’re trying to convince them to say yes, and the pressure of persuasion can put them on the defense. Rather than bouldering them for a commitment, focus your conversation on determining whether they’d actually make a good fit in your business. 

Disqualifying your prospects, rather than enrolling anyone and everyone you encounter, will result in far more open prospects. Once they realize you aren’t there to pressure them into enrolling, they’ll be more comfortable with you and more likely to show an active interest. 

Mystery = enrollments

4. You Fear Earning Enemies

New York entrepreneur, Derek Halpern wrote: “I pin all hatemail to my wall to remind myself to get more hatemail.”

When you’re running a business, hatemail and negative remarks on social media are ironically a sign you’re doing something right. 

With every action there is an opposite or equal reaction, which means with the people who adore you will come people who despise you, and the more successful you become, the more enemies you’ll accrue.

Changing people’s minds is nearly impossible, so instead of wasting time trying to do so, focus on catering to the people who already love you and your role in this business. If you nurture the people who already follow you, they’ll become your most loyal customers.

5. You’re not Challenging Your Prospects

When it comes to the products, you’re the expert. Most people don’t necessarily know what they need, so it’s your job to question their assumptions and guide them to where they need to go. 

Don’t be afraid to challenge your prospects when they’re wrong. This tactic will help you stand out from the competition and will increase your value in this market.

6. You Don’t Understand the Loss > Gain Equation

Nobody likes losing money, and when it comes down to it, keeping the dollar that’s yours is more valuable than gaining the dollar that isn’t yours. 

In sales, it’s important to understand loss is more consequential than gain, so, not only do you need to tell people what they’ll get when they buy their first Enrollment Kit, you also need to reiterate what they’ll lose out on if they don’t.

Perfection: not Required

It's the simple changes that make the biggest differences. Out of these six issues Wellness Advocates encounter at some point in their career, chances are you are facing at least one of them now. It's up to you to analyze where you need to make changes in your pitch

Don't worry about making mistakes along your way. It's the only way you learn and grow as a business owner.

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