Building Your DōTERRA Dream Team

Like anything worth having, building your doTERRA team requires hard work. Typically this is starting from scratch by building from the ground up. Of course, having a strong foundation is essential to your doTERRA team building infrastructure.

As you introduce new people into your team, you’ll develop a keen sense into each of their talents and skills. Knowing which of your team members are introverts versus extroverts, who communicates well, who’s better behind the scenes, are all examples of things you need to know to create your dream team.

Building Your Team: Establish a Structure

In the business model, there are three important people who compose the foundation of your team:

The Operator: This is the project manager. This person nurtures the company internally, focusing on the upkeep and organization of aspects of the business—like budgeting projects, making decisions about said projects, engaging stakeholders, delivering project objectives, managing the handover of the project, and sharing the knowledge.

Typically, at the start of building your team you’ll play the role of the Operator.

The Hunter: This person looks for people who would make a great fit to the company, then they develop strong relationships with these external resources, allowing for great internal relationships with the Operator, and ultimately the company.

The Deliverer: This is the executional arm of the company. These people understand the founder’s vision and they get the job done.

As you’re establishing your team, you may find roles need to be changed to accommodate for your team member’s strengths. Initially, you may have found your Hunter, later to find they’re actually better suited as your Deliverer, etc. Be open to changing roles. Adapting is crucial in this business.

Tips to Building Your Dream Team

  • Give your team members tasks right away, and challenge them. Acknowledge their success and develop a plan to improve weaker areas. For those who are completely new to this business and the products, mentor them.
  • Be open about the skills you lack. When you’re building your team, allow for a dialogue on where you’re lacking so you can find people who balance you, and vice versa. The most successful businesses are those with people who compliment each other’s strengths and weaknesses, just as two magnets connect.  
  • Find others who believe and share in your vision and provide your team members with the tools to success. Then allow them to figure out how best to use these tools for themselves. 

This business thrives when people who are passionate about health and wellness find their niche. When you work with like minds, you feed off each other’s positivity. 

On the other hand, if you’re just looking for a paycheck, perhaps you should try looking deeper into why others are so passionate about this business. There’s something to it. Those who don’t believe strongly in the idea will lack invested interest, which affects everyone.

  • Working with someone you have an intimate relationship with can be tricky, but also so rewarding. Often times we avoid giving necessary feedback to those we care about as a way of protecting their feelings; however, this is counterproductive. 

Instead, encourage those closest to you to be open about their opinions and feelings. Have an open conversation about the team’s expectations. Create a safe environment where your team members know they can speak openly about their ideas and their concerns. 

How do you eat an Elephant?

It can be overwhelming starting your doTERRA business, but just as the saying goes, you eat an elephant one bite at a time. Building something of value from scratch is a process and takes time and patience. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes during this process, because the reality is you’re more than likely going to make them. Don’t let the fear of making those mistakes stop you from trying. You have everything ahead of you, you just have to believe in yourself.

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