Are you hauling buckets?

There was a women who hauled buckets of water for a living.

Every day she walked miles to the nearest water source so that she could haul bucket after bucket back to her village. If she wanted to make more money she would have to work longer and harder, hauling more and more buckets.

After many years, she grew weary of hauling buckets.

One day the woman had a thought, "What if I could create some time everyday and build a pipeline?" So she labored diligently for a few years to build her pipeline.

The day she turned on the spigot, everything changed.

She successfully created a continual supply of water and improved the life of all of the people in the village. The pipeline also improved her life and resulted in an abundant financial pipeline for her as well.

Hauling Buckets

  • Trading hours for dollars

  • Others control advancement & earnings

  • Limited time freedom

  • Building other's dreams

Building a Pipeline

  • Recurring income from long-term customers

  • You control advancement & earnings

  • Freedom to choose your schedule

  • Building your dreams

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