You don't have to live with GI issues

Your gut impacts the health of your entire body

A healthy gut leads to better sleep, more energy, balanced hormones, better nutrient absorption, and will help you look, feel, and perform your best. 

70-80% of your immune system is tied to the gut, and you know how important your immune system is!

95% of serotonin is produced in the gut. Therefore mental processes such as memory, mood and even learning is also tied to gut health.

Using the GI-MAP™ test and a tailored protocol, we can re-establish your gut health!

What is a GI-MAP™?

A GI-MAP™ test is a DNA-based stool test that provides a detailed analysis of your gut microbiome. 

The test detects microbes that may be disturbing normal gut health balance or contributing to illness. 

The levels of good and bad bacteria parasites, viruses, worms, and fungi, as well as immune and digestive markers are analyzed.  

From the results we are able to tailor a program that will help restore balance to the biome of your gut improving your digestion, mood, immunity, focus and overall body function.

Who Should Have the GI-MAP™ Comprehensive Stool Analysis Done?


Those that complain of:

  • Digestion complaints
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • IBD/IBS history
  • Brain fog
  • Skin problems, rashes, eczema
  • Mood disorders, depression, anxiety
  • Diabetes, inability to lose weight

Can Infants and Children Benefit from the GI-MAP™?

Yes, and the test can provide insight into 

  • ADHD
  • Autism
  • Digestive complaints
Once we establish the root cause of your symptoms 
we can work together 
to regain your gut health naturally.

We take a 3 prong approach to re-establishing your gut health

  • Supplements - such as pre/probiotics & whole food and herbal supplements
  • Essential Oils - that are pure and tested. Oils are 50-70x more potent than herbs and can be used both externally and internally.
  • Lifestyle Changes: we create a plan to rebalance your diet and lifestyle.

Your lifestyle changes are actually a key part of rebalancing your gut health. 
We will work on managing stress, sleep, exercise and your toxic load during our 90 day plan.

Common Questions

Does insurance cover any of the costs?
Some insurance Companies do cover a portion of the GI-Map™ test. You can have Diagnostic Solutions file a claim with your insurance company. You will pay $179 upfront and will be responsible for anything your insurance doesn’t cover.

What forms of payment do you accept?
I accept all forms of credit cards and paypal.

How will we connect?
We will connect via email and zoom. Our initial review of your test results and the protocol will be done over a zoom call. You will then have email access during the rest of your protocol. Either weekly or unlimited, depending on the plan you purchased.

When can I expect to start feeling better?
Most people see drastic improvement before the end of their personalized 90-day protocol. True gut healing is a process though and can take up to a year depending on the severity of your issues and how well you follow the protocols. The good news is that you can expect symptoms to improve and some happen faster than others.

How does the process work?

1  Complete a Client Assessment
We will capture your health history and current lifestyle, as well as your wellness goals. We will address all of this as I put together your 90-day protocol. As soon as you’ve purchased your package your client assessment will be on it's way to you.
2  Complete Your GI-MAP™ Test
I will send you a link to purchase your test directly from Diagnostic Solutions (check with your insurance, as some plans will cover the test). The test will be sent to you along with very clear instructions on how to collect your stool sample and send it back to the lab for testing. ‍ Once you mail the test back to the lab it will take 2-3 weeks to get the results and for me to formulate your protocol.
During the consultation, we will go over your test results in detail and I will explain your custom protocol based on my assessment. Your plan may include diet recommendations, probiotics, herbal supplements, and essential oils to correct the imbalances highlighted by your GI-MAP™.
4  Protocol
The protocol specifically addresses the imbalances in your gut by removing the bad pathogens, replacing them with good ones, and alleviating any inflammation or digestive problems.
5  90-day Ongoing Support
During your 90-day protocol, we will communicate by email as needed to assess your progress, address any symptoms that may arise, and make any necessary adjustments.
6  Post 90-day Protocol
I recommend re-testing after the first 90-day phase to see how your test results have changed. Once I analyze the results of your second test, I can recommend a maintenance protocol. Many clients find it beneficial to complete annual or bi-annual GI mapping to stay on top of their gut health.



Add to Crt
  • GI-MAP™ Results Review
  • Consultation
  • Protocol Development
  • Weekly Email Check-ins 

    *Plus, $359 paid directly to Diagnostic Solutions lab for your GI Map™ test, minus any insurance