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If you're a part of our team, you are a part of our family.  Please take advantage of all the incredible recourses and support that we have to offer you.

“As a massage therapist I see first hand how the use of essential oils can be beneficial to clients. When you combine the use of oils with education on how and why to use them you give power to the individual over their health. I am very impressed with the amount of education that Terry brings to the use of the oils and I am glad that she offers so many hands on educational meetings that both encourage and edify those who want to take their health into their own hands. Thanks again Terry and I look forward to our future encounters as the public becomes more aware of the power of essential oils.”


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By growing a doTERRA business you are actively making the world a better place. Behind every bottle of oil is a farmer, a family, and a community. When we have the courage to share these life-changing natural solutions, it creates a ripple effect for good. Always remember how one drop can change the world forever for the better in someone's life.

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