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“My name is Megan and this is my eclectic, blended family. We suffer from seasonal threats. Stuffy noses, sore throats, and hurting tummies plague our home. Along with many other awesome holistic options, we added doTERRA essential oils into our wheelhouse two years ago. It started with my daughter getting those little critters in her hair that so many kids get - melaleuca was the only thing to get rid of those boogers for good. It gradually moved in to diffusing Breathe and lavender in the evenings. Over the last two school years my youngest has continually used the roller oil blends - frankincense, lavender, and peppermint. She has a routine of putting them on the back of her neck, behind her ears, and on her wrists.  Both my younger kids have some issues with stress. They aren’t severe, but what we have noticed is, they will mention their stomach hurts when they are nervous or have had a big day. I believe much of it can be in their head, but giving them digest-zen helps calm their tummies.  They like the fractionated oils in the rollers that they can put directly on their skin. I believe my family has been healthier during cold and flu season based on our continual usage of doTERRA oils”


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Make an impact doing something meaningful and have a continual income. We can teach you how create a residual income with doTERRA.

If you are looking to make a bigger impact on the world, We would love to work with you to grow residual income with doTERRA.Are you ready to grow a second stream of income?  Are you looking for a way to make money from home?  Are you wanting to make a bigger impact in the world?  We'd love to help you reach your goals with the training, mentoring, and support needed to succeed.

If you are interested in learning what growing your own business is all then listen to Ally talk about Business Made Easy.

Making a Major Impact

You have to decide what kind of impact you want to have on the world. What kind of life you want to create for your family.  I will help you believe that anything is possible, that you can create financial freedom and change the lives around you.  We have an amazing team that is here to help and we have the training you need to be successful. Are you ready, let's chat!

Good business is good for everyone involved.  dōTERRA products are not only good for the planet, but also bless farmers, harvesters, distillers, families and communities all over the world.  By choosing to grow a business, you know that your efforts are making the world a better place, one drop at a time.

Together We Rise.

The more you help others get results with their essential oils and grow their dreams, the more your own doTERRA income will grow. Change lives and see yours change as a result. We'd love to support your success! 
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